Covering some 2000 km on the North Eastern coast of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef.

view-in-big-photo-http-apps-facebook-com-bigphot 459119727700 493799152700 495263867700 495281642700 10151144089912701 10151144090797701 10151144116207701 10151144116392701 10151144116712701 10151291989797701 10151292034677701 dive-tribe-1-029-copy dive-tribe-1-049-copy epave-azuma-maru-076-copy macro-work-1-60mm-027-copy 459125642700 10150158501132701 10150168612447701 10150174468692701Covering some 2000 km on the North Eastern coast of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef ,it is by far the largest continuous living system ,with a multitude of living marine organisms with a prized and treasured ecosystem for both Australian natural heritage and global marine biodiversity.

While the notion of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is recognized as an ecological prize,with such a immense natural environmental footprint ,the reefs are mainly bleached and dying at a close to accelerated rate ,which has grabbed media attention once again this month .

While it has been clear over the last 15 years or so that coral bleaching of the worlds largest reef ,warnings from both conservationists and scientists have been iterated many times over on the extent and side effects of such a massive coral bleaching event .

Moreover ,it has been estimated by Marine Biologists and Oceanographers and various inter-disciplinary Environmental Scientists that the reef would recede or lose for that mater approximately 40 percent of living coral.

Marine research scientist’s from Australia’s  James Cook University  and the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA concluded some of the detrimental affects of everlasting higher atmospheric and ocean temperatures that have impacted the coral reef system ,one which is not only prevalent in Australia ,but the world over .

One of the main causes of coral bleaching are low salinity levels and heat stress,in the case of heat stress ,higher temperatures that persist for week on end are the main causes of coral bleaching globally.



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