Oceanography as a whole looks at the myriad complexities of oceans.

Oceanography as a whole looks at  the myriad complexities of our oceans from a multi disciplinary approach scientifically .

Oceanographers study the chemical ,geological and physical characteristics of the oceans ,notwithstanding the biological processes that are in play from a biological oceanographic point of view.Yes Biological Oceanography is a sub discipline which is closely related to Marine Biology .

Primarily, Oceanography as a science  has many disciplines .So having said that we can now breakdown the scientific discipline and study of our oceans and water bodies around the globe into Chemical Oceanography ,Geological Oceanography and Physical Oceanography .

There are many sub-disciplines within Oceanography which seek to understand and garner knowledge about the oceans and earth.It makes sense then that from a scientific point of view that in order to understand the complex yet interactive nature of our oceans that a constant and in depth study would come about within Oceanography as a science ,of course one of many scientific disciplines that form part of Earth Science.

Written by Jean-Yves Bignoux/photos Jean-Yves Bignoux ,Canon EOS 7D ,Ikelite underwater housing DS160 Ikelite flash , Nikon D300 ./Republic of Mauritius/Republique de Maurice.







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