Apart from teaching English ,some days are spent doing these things !!Photography

DSC_0355DSC_0364DSC_0945DSC_1026DSC_1035DSC_1050DSC_1063DSC_1067DSC_1120DSC_1139DSC_1389 - CopyDSC_1389DSC_1401 - CopyDSC_1401DSC_1422DSC_1919DSC_1964DSC_1978DSC_2039DSC_2057DSC_2758DSC_2762DSC_4250DSC_4838DSC_4840DSC_4842DSC_4844DSC_4857DSC_4859DSC_4860DSC_4872DSC_4875DSC_4946DSC_5060DSC_5103DSC_5157DSC_5308DSC_5312DSC_5471DSC_5479DSC_5901DSC_6305DSC_6337DSC_7009DSC_7018photojournalim 1 trip 148photojournalim 1 trip 164photojournalim 1 trip 172photojournalism trip 2 109photojournalism trip 2 123photojournalism trip 2 135photojournalism trip 2 186photojournalism trip 2 206photojournalism trip 2 216photojournalism trip 2 268photojournalism trip 2 316photojournalism trip 2 320


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