Recent days exploring regions in Mauritius hiking it, with a 28mm Nikon AI-S f/3.5 prime and Nikon 18 -70MM f/3.5 lens.

Taken throughout July, August and September 2020. The central parts of Mauritius show a different perspective of some of the mountainous areas across the south-central and central parts, including the northern tip of the central plateau which extends out to the Pamplemousses region of the island nation these semi-mountainous and mountainous areas, are often less travelled yet intriguing and peaceful

Along the way, villages and small communities peeper this sparingly wide open spaces in a relatively small nation, the diversity in land formations and landscapes is quite interesting, however, particularly the rural villages that border open pastures and mountains. Images were taken with a Nikon D300 28mm /Nikon AI-S f/3.5 prime and Nikon 18 -70MM f/3.5 lens.


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