Oceanic interactions

Ocean interactions and the understanding of our dynamic and complex underwater world. Science journalism, scuba diving and underwater photography.
Our interactions with the oceans and seas are expansive if we consider the biological, sociological, and environmental impacts and interactions alone and how and why the marine environment is part of our existence on planet earth.

Capturing these attributes from a human perspective whilst considering scientific knowledge as a background to our understanding of marine life to better marine conservation efforts with the constant aid of underwater and land-based photography.
While photography and scuba diving as a professional level diver gives one an essence of what our natural underwater world is made up of, many life sciences and earth sciences such as Marine Biology and Oceanography can explain both the sum of its parts and produce an ever progressive picture of life and times in our oceans over time.

Furthermore, in terms of the science of our oceans and seas, we can only begin to explain the dynamic process of ocean life, marine life after all is both a complex and broad-scope area of study.

Having said that, and touch on the interdisciplinary approach of many earth and life science, within marine biological and oceanographic studies there are many subclasses or specialties if you like, in areas of study within marine biology and oceanography itself
Areas within marine biology include, but are not limited to herpetology ichthyology invertebrate zoology, phycology, marine mammalogy, fisheries science and marine conservation, again to name a few.

Within Oceanography, many sub-disciplines and specialties exist as well, with Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Geological Oceanography and Physical Oceanography, these are formally termed the four branches of Oceanography, bear in mind that most of these subfields correlate and are interconnected.
From my point of view understanding the process and dynamics of our seas and oceans come from a background as both a journalist and professional diver, however, by comprehending the science of our oceans through the way of Marine Biology and Oceanography disciplines I can better report on it and truly understand that from a scientific viewpoint.

My particular interest is in Marine Conservation Biology and Oceanography, one that I have read and researched for many years as a scuba diver and underwater photographer. Understanding what I write about, and taking photos of and diving into is very important, an understanding of the marine sciences solidifies and builds upon what I already know about our planet’s ocean and is a key consideration …what I have observed.

So from my perspective, I endeavour to approach the understanding of our oceans from a journalistic view, whilst utilizing the scientific approach of Marine Biology and Oceanography, however using my experience as both a professional scuba diver and an underwater photographer to better understand our vast underwater world and its many and various marine life species


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