The English language tip via photographic images :

Capture =We use the word capture as a verb when we want to say that we record accurately in words or pictures OR that we understand =Did you capture what I said?

“He did a series of drawings, trying to capture all their moods and feelings.

We can also say “Capture somebody’s imagination/attention”, making them surprised or somewhat unexpected!

And yes we capture a photo!

Forms of Capture

Capture =Present

Capturing =Continous


Captured= Past Participle

The present perfect is common in English for example you may hear=Present perfect. I. have captured. Or You have captured.

We often say ..

As a VERB + CAPTURE =avoid, escape, evade capture.| lead to the capture or attempt to, try to, manage to , fail to capture.


perfectly capture

| brilliantly, neatly capture.

Linley Bignoux /English Teacher +Photographer


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