The word Do and some expressions!

There are many ways we say that we have done something or that will do something using informal expressions that we use naturally in English when speaking.

We also use the verb Do in many ways when we are speaking to say many things and in different contexts and scenarios, we often use these with expressions and add other words to make expressions.
These are often informal ways to speak, however, we frequently use them in formal contexts as well.
Example=(Meeting with a client)= John we will have to do over the report for the customer, we missed some important details”
Here are some common ways we use to do everyday expressions.
For example=
Do away with
Get rid of; remove; or put an end to something
I wish we could do away with long hours at work
Do over
To do something again from the beginning or improve or renovate
I need to do over our kitchen. I don’t like the colour of the walls I just painted.
Do up
To fasten something or make better or tighten something on clothes
Do up the button on your shirt!
Do without
To not have something that you might think is unimportant or not necessary or to go without someone or something.
“We’ll have to do without today’s meeting, I am quite busy at the moment.”
Do well – to be good at something, to become successful
“Sarah has done well for herself. She owns 3 companies”

Note: Remember that these expressions can be conjugated in the past, present and future
For example = Do away(present) I will do away(future) and I did do away (past ) these tenses are all simple tenses just to illustrate how they can be used

Other words we can use to say we have DONE something
finished, completed, concluded, ended, terminated, accomplished, realised(UK, Australia) realized (US) consummated executed its over, its through, finalised(UK, Australia) finalized(US) fulfilled achieved


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