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d300 Mauritius 2 007

Jean-Yves Bignoux /Underwater Photographer /Oceanic Research /Scuba Instructor


Hello and thanks for visiting my profile, my name is Linley Bignoux. I am an Australian originally from Melbourne. I was born in Blantyre, on 21/11/1975. I am based in Mauritius.
I am an English teacher by profession and photography, scuba diving geek and marine science fanatic when I am not teaching. 
Basically, I photograph and write primarily about many fundamental aspects of Marine Sciences: Marine Biology, Marine Conservation Biology, Marine Ecology and Oceanography, these interests stem from my year’s scuba diving professionally and as a scuba diver for over 14 years discovering the underwater world and the natural environment on land in general as try to understand in the inner workings of nature.
Similarly, I write about the photographic genres of Landscape photography, Photojournalism and Underwater Photography, I have a specific interest in explaining the many aspects of our natural world that we live in via the Environmental Photojournalism photographic genre.
I spent 18 years in the Logistics and Supply Chain industries in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia in Inventory Management before becoming an English Teacher. I am a professional-rated scuba diver, holding a Scuba Instructor rating with PADI(Professional Association of Diving Instructors)-Assistant Instructor.
Camera’s: Nikon D700 and Nikon D300, Olympus TG2 – IHS WITH Ikelite underwater housing.Ikelite flashes/strobes.Pentax K-x, Pentax MG 35mm Film .Ikelite AF 35  underwater flash 
My Lenses: Nikon AI-S 28mm 3.5 MF Prime, AF Nikon 75-300mm 4.5-5.6, AF Nikon AI-S 50mm Prime, Tokina AT-X 20 -35mm f3.5.

My other photography links:https://www.scubashooters.net/photographer.php?act=photographer&iduser=1431





Linley Bignoux.




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