Teaching English to Business people Business English.

By Linley Bignoux As an English Teacher, I have often wondered why there was sometimes a clear divide between what … More

Mauritius: 1000 species of marine fish and around 700 coral species feeding some 4000 fish species,environmental interaction of the sea with human impacts.

By Linley Bignoux. With human to species interaction being fraught with “contrasting interests” that interfere with the process of life … More

Writing on Environmental policy issues /Africa Global Village -article 5

http://www.africaglobalvillage.com/the-mauritian-government-wants-to-develop-more-firm-national-policy-on-the-environment/ The Mauritian government wants to develop a more firm national policy on the environment. By Linley Bignoux Speaking in … More

Articles written for news agencies and blogs in the past .Article 2 written for Africa Global Village, another health story.

Articles written for news agencies and blogs in the past….Article 2 ..written for Africa Global Village, another health story .http://www.africaglobalvillage.com/mauritius-health-standards-in-public-hospitals-have-been-in-the-public-eye-as-the-island-nation-struggles-with-constant-union-action/More

Challenging but rewarding street photography,photojournalism and reportage images ..Primarily shot with a Canon EOS 7D Mark 1 and Nikon D300.Lenses used were 10-24mm f/3.5 Tamron ,Sigma 10-20mm f/4,Tamron 60mm prime macro f/2 ,Canon 135mm zoom telephoto and 50mm Nikon F/1.8 D prime lens.Australia,Mauritius,Singapore and Hong Kong.