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Stories and Subjects wanted to photograph for photos and photo stories.

So thanks for visiting ,i have a keen interest in reportage and photojournalism photography which essentially covers the human condition and perspectives of everyday life.I have covered some issues via my photography with some NGOs in Mauritius in the past, to date i have covered social issues such as environmental, poverty, education, and event photography in Australia and Mauritius.
I am looking for People ,Companies Stories and Subjects that i want to photograph for photos and photo stories ,so if you are interested in telling a story via photographs ,then i wish to photograph you ,your story ,your company .Basically i am documenting Mauritius via the people ,places and stories via photography.
I do all this for free. ,this is my way of both making a valid contribution which via photography i can help in some capacity to show the work of the people ,places ,events and organizations undertake and are involved in whilst building my photographic portfolio at the same time .
If this does interest you,please email me at or call 58310268 for any questions you may have.
I have a very keen interest in capturing the human condition ,people ,events and the social issues that surround them via photography , while subsequently building my portfolio and photography my main interest is covering the human story .
So please do not hesitate to contact me on 58310268
Thank you .
Kind regards.
Linley Bignoux