What’s happiness and success?Article written for the Nation Kenya and Africa Review

What’s happiness and success? Ask the Mauritians By LINLEY BIGNOUX https://www.nation.co.ke/lifestyle/dn2/Whats-happiness-and-success-Ask-the-Mauritians/957860-1401814-wmbuv9z/index.html What is happiness? While what ancient Greek philosophers such … More

Juvenile obesity..So this one was for the Nation Media Group’s the Monitor Uganda and Africa Review ( now defunct)

https://www.monitor.co.ug/News/World/Rising-juvenile-obesity-worries-Mauritius-Port-/688340-1488070-hhisue/index.html Rising juvenile obesity worries Mauritius By Linley Bignoux Children are becoming increasingly overweight on the island nation, as escalating … More

Writing on Environmental policy issues /Africa Global Village -article 5

http://www.africaglobalvillage.com/the-mauritian-government-wants-to-develop-more-firm-national-policy-on-the-environment/ The Mauritian government wants to develop a more firm national policy on the environment. By Linley Bignoux Speaking in … More

Photographic genres and experiences in Underwater photography,Nature photography and Photojounalism.

Photographic genres and experiences in Underwater photography, Nature photography and Photojournalism. There are many genres of photography that many can … More